Help us help the Lakota people at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota stay warm.
We are looking for donations of cash, space heaters, coats and blankets!

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• Bring new or gently used, clean coats, blankets or new electric space heaters to the Wassenberg Art Center
214 S. Washington St. Van Wert by December 15.

• Oglala Lakota, Jackson, and Bennetts counties that make up the 2 million acres of the reservation are the poorest counties in the entire U.S.
• 97% of residents live below federal poverty line
• Unemployment 85% to 95%
• Death rate from heart disease: 2-times national average
• Infant mortality rate highest on this continent – 300% higher than national average
• High death rate due to hypothermia
• Median income $4000
• 60% housing is substandard lacking running water, electric or proper insulation
• Life expectancy, 45-52 years of age
• Over half the population deals with alcoholism

The David Humphreys Miller Collection

Paintings, movie footage and research of the Lakota Nation and their role in the pivotal American battle retold di- rectly from their experience. The late David Humphreys Miller, native of Van Wert, Ohio at the age of 16, armed with a car and $100 headed to the Pine Ridge Reservation and began interviewing the surviving warriors of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the massacre at Wounded Knee. This is their story.

John Sitting Bull (L), Dewey Beard (R)
David Humphreys Miller with Sioux Indians July 1947
David Humphreys Miller Painting White Cow Bull
Survivors of Battle of Little Bighorn


To tell the story of the Native American account of the pivotal Battle of Little Bighorn as told through the account of 72 remaining survivors through the art, research, film and historical research of artist/historian David Humphreys Miller.