Crazy Bull, an Assiniboine or Stony Sioux warrior in 1876, fought under Chief Scabby Head of the Sihasapa or Blackfeet Sioux at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. One of a small party of Assiniboines visiting Yanktonnai Sioux relatives at Little Big Horn, Crazy Bull took part in the defense against Reno’s attack, later was among the mass of warriors who surrounded and annihilated Custer’s immediate command.
“Crazy Bull did not mean a bull went crazy, but meant a buffalo bull Tatanka had spirit, or came from a vision, thus was a ‘spirit animal.’ My name came to me through a vision of a wild, uneatable buffalo bull who kept charging me until my ‘medicine’ (power) made him peaceable.” – Fort Peck Reservation, Frazer, MT 1941

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