By Vic Glover

Published July 10, 2004
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This title was among the winners of the 2006 Skipping Stones Honor Awards for Multicultural & International Awareness Books. Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge is an intimate look at contemporary life with the Lakota people on Pine Ridge Indian Rerservation, near the Black Hills in South Dakota. Insightful stories of compassion, despair, humor, and spiritual growth are drawn from two years of daily life in a strong and tormented community. Firsthand accounts of sundances, commodity foods, sweat lodges, drunken driving, and the Sacred provide the fabric through which Glover weaves his incisive wit and wisdom on the social and political forces that have challenged his people and made them stronger.


Real Life Moments
By James Botsford on December 10, 2004
I lived on a rez for 7 years, but I could never convey to others the texture of living there. Vic Glover can. This is a beautiful bouquet of real life vignettes, interwoven and told with an honest voice. Vic writes with nothing to hide, and that makes these stories so rich and visceral.

Keeping Heart
By Mrs. Lynn Brands on January 31, 2005
This is a beautiful collection of short stories and is a real life account of living on in Indian reservation in todays modern times.
Vic Glover has an amazing talent and style of writing that ‘just takes you right there’.
With much humour and sadness, Vic takes you on a journey, that whets the appetite, always leaving you wanting to read more.
This is a great read, I highly recommend it.

Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge
By Daniel A. Parkin on December 12, 2004
A must read for anyone interested in what life on a western Rez is really about. BroVic captures the humor and pathos of daily life in a marvelously clear, straightforward way that simutaneously makes you wish you were there to share in it and glad that you’re not.

Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge
By Gregg Bryant on November 30, 2004
Several years ago my old school buddy, Vic Glover -the author of Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge-started sending me these stories one by one as email. At first I was laughing as I read some, and then I noticed my heart was ready to burst as a result of reading others. Vic just kept them coming. Now he has put them all in one place for people to have. For me, these stories light up the night. Most of them dazzle you with great warmth or nudge you pleasantly with fine irony. The characters he sketches are real folks living on the Rez. As a whole they are colorful and full of humanity. They illuminate life at Slim Buttes on the southern flanks of Pine Ridge. You can’t get much better night reading than this.