Miss Bah, “The Bride”

Miss Bah, “The Bride” was a navajo who lived in Grants, New Mexico. This was painted from life in 1973.

Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene, actor. Best known for Pa on Bonanza

Kills Pretty Enemy

Leo Kills Pretty Enemy, son of a Hunkpapa Sioux father and a Brule Sioux mother, was 21 years old at the time of the Battle of Little Big Horn and a seasoned warrior who fount under Chief Crow King, Gall and other fighting leaders. His initiation to the warpath...

Joseph White Cow Bull – Painting

Joseph White Cow Bull, an Oglala Sioux warrior aged 38 in 1876, joined three Cheyenne warriors to defend a ford when troops under George A. Custer charged down Medicine Tail Coulee to attack the Indian village. Exchanging shots with a buckskin-clad leader who may well...

Joseph High Eagle

An Oglala Sioux warrior of 16 in 1876, fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn under his cousin Crazy Horse, brilliant tribal war leader. In 1950, he was killed by a careless hit-and-run motorist while at the side of a road. “I heard a bugle blow. Women screamed...